Car Inspections Sydney

Welcome to the Car Inspections Guide. This website is dedicated to educating future Australian car buyers about the car inspection process in Australia.

Let’s face it, the car buying scene is tough these days, a lot of people spend in some cases months trying to find ‘that right car’. In most cases you have to deal countless private sellers and dealerships before you find the car for you. But how do you know what ‘that right car’ is for you? Sometimes ‘that right car’ might turn into your worst nightmare and just an expensive mistake.

Well thankfully there are many services here in Australia to help prevent that happening to you.

Car Inspection companies will travel out to your chosen car and conduct a complete inspection on the vehicle. In most cases an inspection might consist of a mechanical check, a vehicle body and paint check to assess for any repairs or accident history and an interior check, which also consists of checking any power electronics like electric windows or mirrors.

Most car inspection companies will also provide you with a Car history check or PPSR check which will check for any encumbrances on the vehicle. You will be able to receive insightful information such as written off history or finance history on the vehicle.

Generally after the car inspection has been conducted you will receive a detailed report providing you with all the findings.

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