What is a car inspection?

The car inspection scene has really grown in the last few years.

A car inspection is simply a service which involves an automotive specialist checking the condition of a car that you would like to purchase and reporting any problems they may find with the vehicle.

Car inspection services are available for all kind of vehicles such as prestige, classic and your regular everyday drivers.

However car inspections in some cases are not only booked when purchasing a new car. There are a few different types of inspections which most companies offer.

The first being, Pre-Purchase Car inspections. A pre-purchase car inspection is simply an inspection that you book when you a car looking to purchase a new car. These inspections usually come with detailed reports and also PPSR or car history checks as an option in some cases.

The second type of inspection being, End of warranty car inspections. An end of warranty car inspection involves booking a vehicle inspection company to come and inspect your own car before it runs out of your new car warranty. From this inspection you will be able to determine any warranty faults with your car that can be fixed under the standard new car warranty agreemeent that you have with your car manufacturer.

The last common type of inspection is a Pre-Sale Car inspection. A pre-sale car inspection is usually purchased by car dealerships or private sellers looking for a value addon when selling there vehicle. By booking one of these inspections, a seller may be able to advertise that the car comes with a car inspection report which details the condition of the vehicle.